Обзор 17. Реклама у блогеров Wildjam

Обзор 17. Реклама у блогеров-партнеров рекламного агентства Wildjam

В данном обзоре рассмотрен ряд количественных характеристик, свойственных блогерам-партнерам известного рекламного агентства Wildjam (wildjam.ru). Проведено распределение каналов на кластеры, рассмотрены количественные показатели по рекламодателям, структура рекламодателей по каналам, а также заполняемость каналов блогеров-партнеров Wildjam рекламой.
Исследуемый период: 1 год (01/04/2018-31/03/2019)
Исследуемая платформа: Youtube
Количество блогеров: 84
Количество рекламных обращений: более 1400

Report 17. Advertisement through bloggers of advertisement agency Wildjam [Russian language]

This report describes a number of quantitative characteristics inherent to bloggers-partners of the well-known advertising agency Wildjam (wildjam.ru). Channels were divided into clusters, quantitative characteristics by advertisers were reviewed, the structure of advertisers by channels, as well as advertising occupancy of channels were identified.
Period: 1 year (01/04/2018-31/03/2019)
Platform: Youtube
Number of bloggers: 84
Number of ads: more than 1400

Top advertisers and top Youtube channels with videos containig ads in February, 2019

Period: February, 2019
Views of advertisement: 360 mln.+
Ads, total: 500+
Channels processed: 230+ (mainly Russian-speaking channels)
In general, taking into consideration number of processed channes and dates of data mining, number of views of ads in Youtube videos increased in February (compared to January) approximately on 30%.

The beginning of Samsung`s advertisement campaign with its Galaxy S10 is also mentioned in this report.

Report 15. How online games were advertised through Youtube bloggers in February, 2019

During February, online games were advertised in 56 Youtube videos. Ads gathered almost 42 mln. views (based on 200+ Russian-speaking Youtube channels). Compared to January, views volume was almost the same, but number of advertisers increased (16 compared to 7 in January).

Report 13. How e-commerce companies are advertised on Russian market with the help of Youtube bloggers

Aliexpress, beru.ru and Pandao have most intensive campaigns via Youtube bloggers. It is interesting that (based on available data) jd.ru had stopped advertising through Youtube bloggers. If we will not see the renewal of its
campaign in 2019, it may be considered that JD reconciled with the fact that they will not be able to compete with Mail.Ru Group (Pandao), Aliexpress and Yandex together with Sberbank (beru.ru).

Report 11. How Durex is using content creators for promotion

Durex started attemps to promote the brand via content creators in 2015 and was one of the first significant international brands which were advertising product via Russian speaking bloggers. It is interesting that in 2017 and 2018 Durex was beginning its campaigns 23 and 21 of March respectively and ending it in summer. Probably marketers of Durex believe that people have more sex in spring and summer than in autumn or winter.

Report 10. Smartphone makers using Youtube content creators to promote products on Russian speaking markets

In total, videos with advertisement of smartphone makers from this review gathered more than 170 mln. of views. Advertisement campaign of Meizu gathered more than 86 mln. of views. In 2018 the follower, local brand Vertex, started active promotion with the help of Youtube bloggers. As the result, videos with ads of Vertex managed to collect almost 20 mln. of views.

Report 9. Advertisement of Aliexpress on Russian market with the help of Youtube influencers

In total Aliexpress sponsored content in 18 Youtube videos (5 videos in 2016 and 13 — in 2018). In 2018 it cooperated with 11
different bloggers. in 2016 all ads were
published at 11.11 — Singles’ Day in China. In 2018 Aliexpress changed the strategy.