Data: Advertising via Content Creators

We collect marketing data which reflects advertising with the help of content creators. We analyze leading social media channels (mainly Youtube and Instagram channels) who directly cooperate with advertisers (or do it with the help of advertisement agencies).

Short info regarding the data we are working with

Basically there are two types of advertisement which we can observe within major social media platforms:

  • advertisement with intermediation of the platform – in this case the platform (i.e. Youtube) offers advertisers various instruments (like pop-ups) which allow advertisement on the platform;
  • advertisement without intermediation of the platform – in this case advertisers cooperate with the content creator (i.e. Youtube channel owner) and advertise their products with the help of the channel. They interact with the content creator (directly or through advertisement agency) without interacting with Youtube. Ads are integrated into the content (i.e. Youtube video).

In our research we concentrate on the second case (advertisement without intermediation of the social media platform) when advertisers promote products through bloggers. 

Advertising through content creators is a fast growing market. Within the research we see the clear trend that more and more major advertisers are choosing to shift from advertising through the social media platforms to advertising directly through content creators.

On regular basis we process advertisement data from more than 1000 Youtube and Instagram channels.

We analyze approaches and strategies that are applied by thousands of advertisers (and our intention is to cover all advertisers) who use content creators for promotion (primarily concern is Russian and other Eastern European markets). That gives us deep understanding of the structure of advertisement and marketing strategies which are used by advertisers while advertising via content creators. We develop marketing strategies (mainly advertisement aspect) based on collected and interpreted data.

Some results in the form of reports are published online on

We are processing thousands of content units with advertisement and possess much more information to share online. It is important for us to share updated information, that is why sometimes reports that are published may not be of a good quality in terms of editorial errors. We choose to publish more data than to publish well edited text. In most cases we define advertisement as activity which has aim to spread information about the brand, product or any other object (regardless of whether any reward was received for this activity). Various inaccuracies may occur in reports (note that decision whether the advertisement occurred or not is made solely by the researcher based on available information), however, according to processed tests, errors do not exceed 5%.

IMS is not represented by a legal entity and is a group which works on specific problem: advertisement through content creators. Institute of Marketing Strategies is a reference to the appropriate dissertation research aimed to identify vectors which can increase efficiency of marketing strategies.

We are granting the access to the some of the collected data to the selected academic researchers with the purpose of collaborative research and publications.

Please contact at: quantitativeres[at]

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