Report 8. How Badoo and Tinder were competing for Russian market (promotional campaigns through Youtube bloggers)

While some companies are choosing one blogger to advertise the product in several videos one after another, Badoo and Tinder
were trying the opposite strategy — choosing more bloggers which advertised the product only once (or twice and with long pause between advertisements).

Report 6. Advertisement of with the help of content creators in Russian Youtube in January, 2019 — is the leader of advertisement via bloggers among cash back services in Russian Youtube.
During January, Letyshops was advertised in more than 20 videos and gathered in total more than 13 mln. views.

Report 3. How companies from banking sector are advertising their services through bloggers in Russian Youtube

During almost 3 years banks have bought advertisement in Youtube videos which count more than 0,4 billion views in total. The
biggest advertisers are two banks which had advertisement in more than 50 Youtube videos each.